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Fishermoss School Background Information

Portlethen is a coastal town located approximately 7 miles south of Aberdeen along the North Sea coast. It is located in the historic county of Kincardineshire. Much of modern-day Portlethen has been built over the Portlethen Moss Nature Reserve.  Groups such as the Portlethen Moss Conservation Group were created specifically to maintain the area for the use of future generations. The population according to the 2011 census was 7,130 making it the seventh most populous settlement within Aberdeenshire. To the east of Portlethen lie three fishing villages:Findon, Downies and Portlethen Village (now often referred to as Old Portlethen). Although Portlethen has been granted official town status, it resembles a residential suburb without a clear ‘town centre’ or focal point. Portlethen has a business park, number of retail park, variety of shops, takeaways and restaurants. Portlethen has tennis courts, a range of all-weather pitches, numerous play parks, a bowling green, swimming pool and a golf club. There is an integrated community library and community centre located within Portlethen Academy. The town is well served with a church, medical practice, dentists, police station, vets, social work offices and a number of oil and gas related companies.

Fishermoss School serves the south side of the town of Portlethen.  The school is a member of the Portlethen Community Network and pupils transfer to Portlethen Academy. Fishermoss School is a non-denominational Primary School providing education for children aged 3 to 12, Early Years to Primary 7.

We regularly work alongside other schools in the area and staff from agencies such as the Health Service, Police and Social Work.  We are also supported by the Educational Psychology services, Sensory Support and EAL.

The school has an active and supportive Parent Council and also a Parent Staff Association (PSA) and encourages involvement of parents in the work of the school.  The PSA provides strong financial support for pupils, organising events and supporting the provision of school resources and educational outings.  The school makes use of community facilities such as the Library, Parish Church, Academy, Moss, Community Woodland, Swimming Pool and Bourtree Park.  Parents provide significant support to develop the football skills of pupils of the school.  Nearly 50% of pupils regularly attend training sessions.  Through the Active Schools programme children are able to attend a range of sporting activities either taster sessions during the school day or After School Clubs.