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Educational Visits

We offer various educational visits during the course of the school year. We believe that ‘hands on’ experiences greatly enhance a child’s education, while also helping to make the necessary links between learning in school and life outwith school. Staff members and parent volunteers provide supervision to standards laid down by Aberdeenshire Education & Children’s Services. We give parents as much notification as possible with regard to visits their children will participate in.

Local Area Fieldwork Trips/Visits

The outdoor environment has massive potential for learning offering motivating, exciting, relevant and easily accessible activities.  Young people’s learning experiences can be enhanced by maximising the potential of the outdoors.  Classes will at various points throughout the year be going out of school grounds to explore the local area.  Learning experiences of this type will typically include a walk to the local library, Portlethen Academy, Portlethen Church for School Services, a look at local businesses & amenities, map skills, a walk to look at different houses and homes for topic work, a seasonal walk etc.  All such local area learning experiences require no special clothing or footwear other than sensible outdoor shoes and a jacket that pupils would normally wear to school.

When outdoor activities require special clothing, packed lunches, transport etc, we will provide you with details and request separate consent.  It is important that children come to school sensibly dressed every day with appropriate shoes and a jacket.  All such activities are risk assessed and will have the appropriate number of adults supervising.  Aberdeenshire Council’s Excursions policy states: ‘It is usual that schools might anticipate a number of fieldtrips or visits during the course of a school year.  Provided the excursions are local, take place within the normal school day and are closely connected to normal school activity, it is acceptable to gain blanket consent from parents for a period of up to one academic year’.  On an annual basis we will seek this blanket consent in August.

Primary 7 pupils have the opportunity to go on a 5 day residential trip.  This usually takes place in term 4 and has a focus on health and well-being as well as physical activity.