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Every child’s health and welfare is very important to the school. Parents who have any concerns should let school know by telephoning or writing in. Alternatively parents can inform the Health Visitor or their own GP. Parents are requested to let the school know of any hospital appointments.

Norovirus-Managing Gastrointestinal Infection in Schools

Parents/carers are requested to keep children at home for 24-48 hours if the child has diarrhoea, flu-like symptoms or is clearly unwell.

Norovirus-Managing Gastrointestinal Infection in Schools

Always seeks a GP’s advice before sending a child back to school. Please remember that other children can be vulnerable to infection.

The school is fortunate to have a link with a nurse in attendance to undertake Health Interviews and provide advice on health matters for pupils. The school doctor will play a vital role in monitoring a child’s health and well-being.

Although our medical staff provide help and advice as appropriate, all pupils must be registered with a doctor in general practice who should be consulted about health matters as they arise. Parents should provide us with the name and telephone number of their child’s doctor and an up-to-date emergency contact for themselves in case it becomes necessary for a child to be sent home during school hours because of illness.

Dental Services

Aberdeenshire Community Dental Service inspect P1 and P7 children in schools as part of the National Dental Inspection Programme.  Written parental consent is not required for dental inspections, but parents will be informed in writing approximately one week before the inspection date.

Most pupils will at some time have a medical condition that may affect their participation in school activities. For many this will be short term; perhaps finishing a course of medication to combat an infection.

Other pupils have medical conditions that, if not properly managed, could limit their access to education. Such pupils are regarded as having health care needs. Most

children with health care needs are able to attend school regularly and, with some support from the school can access most school activities. However, school staff may

need to take extra care in supervising some activities to ensure that pupils are not put at risk.

Planning formats may include either:

  • Individual Pupil Protocol (IPP) (Med form 7).
  • Health Care Plan written by Health professionals for very specific medical needs.

A risk assessment should also be completed.

The above can help schools to identify the necessary safety measures to support pupils with medical needs and ensure that they and others are not put at risk.

Administration of Medicines

Where possible we would encourage parents to administer medicine at home to children but in cases where the school is required to administer medicine you will be required to complete the following form and email it to school fishermoss.sch@aberdeenshire.gov.uk.  Please contact the school office to organise the drop off of medicine by phoning Tel 01224 472875.

Medical Request Form

Med form 4-Request for pupil to carry own medication

Please find our Medication Policy here:


If your child has long term medical conditions such as asthma or diabetes, which may require on-going support, this should be fully discussed with the school.  In certain cases specific training of staff about a child’s treatment may need to be given. In addition, some children have conditions which may require occasional staff intervention e.g. severe allergic conditions such as anaphylaxis.


Headlice 2007 NHS Policy


Sunscreen – As children are outdoors for learning and for play, parents should apply this prior to sending children to school or nursery. School staff do not supply, nor do they apply, sunscreen creams.                    

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