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Admissions & Transitions

Parents of children joining school classes in the middle of a school session will have agreed a start date following consultation with the Head Teacher. A visit to the school will usually take place. Any transfer information, including school work, can be helpful in supporting your child’s continued education. Records from other Aberdeenshire schools are automatically transferred internally but when the school is outwith the Authority, the school will contact the child’s previous school to obtain the records.

We understand that transitions especially at Pre-School, P1 and S1 stages can be anxious times for parents and pupils. At Fishermoss School we have arrangements in place to support transitions and these are outlined below.

Transfer to Ante-Pre School and Pre-School Nursery

In order to support and ease transition into Early Years Setting, we arrange a series of induction events/meetings/Come and Play sessions for you and your child. These events are planned to allow you and your child to become familiar with the Early Years setting, to meet staff, to meet with the other children and to find out about life in the Early Years and what you can do to support your child’s transition into the Early Years Setting.  A major part of this process involves parents sharing information about their children’s needs and you will be asked to complete a number of forms regarding e.g. your child’s specific needs.  Any other Early Years setting your child is joining us from may also provide transition information regarding your child’s needs and learning journey.

Delayed Entry to P1

Where parents have concerns regarding their child’s entry to P1, they should discuss this with the Early Years Lead Practitioner in the first instance who will be able to offer support and guidance.

Transfer to Primary 1

In order to support and ease transition into P1, we arrange a series of induction events/meetings for you and your child. These events are planned to allow you and your child to become familiar with the school building, to meet staff, to meet with the other children including your child’s buddy and to find out about life in school and what you can do to support your child’s transition into P1. The induction process starts in your child’s pre-school year, with the school beginning to get to know your child.

Induction meetings are arranged for parents around May/June in order to share information about starting school and how you can help your child at home. This is also an opportunity for parents to meet their child’s teacher and to ask any questions or share any information.  At these induction meetings, parents are issued with a range of materials designed to support children’s learning at home.

Our prospective P1s also have the opportunity to come into class for a series of induction sessions around May/June. This allows the children to begin to get to know their classmates and their teacher as well as familiarising themselves with the school buildings and classroom routines.

Primary 1 parents are invited to join their child for a school lunch. A Primary 1 Curricular Event is also arranged for parents early in Term 1.  Information communicating details of P1 induction arrangements along with dates will be communicated directly to Prospective P1 parents around April/May.

Transfer to Secondary Education

Most children from Fishermoss School attend Portlethen Academy in Portlethen. (Telephone Number 01224 782174).

Fishermoss School is part of the Portlethen Community Schools Network. An induction programme for P7 is in place to help ease the transition into S1.  P7 pupils spend 3 days at Portlethen Academy towards the end of the summer term.  Further information is communicated to parents about the induction calendar for secondary school early in Term 3.  Parents also have the opportunity to visit Portlethen Academy where information will be shared and questions can be asked.

Liaison between Fishermoss Primary and Portlethen Academy is very good. During the P7 year, pupils have many opportunities to join with P7 pupils from the other Portlethen Community Schools Network.  Transition projects, sports festivals, trips, invites to the academy pantomime and other ad hoc activities are arranged for P7 pupils to get together.

Information about our P7 pupils is shared with guidance staff at the academy to help support appropriate continuity of education. Parents are welcome to attend these information sharing meetings, especially when additional support has been provided previously.  Portlethen Academy staff also visit our pupils in Fishermoss Primary where information is shared and questions can be asked.  Where parents opt to send their child to any other secondary school, (following placing requests) Fishermoss School supports any alternative transition arrangements wherever possible.  Placing request forms are available from the school – see section 1 for further information on placing requests.

Transitions between Stages

For some children, the thought of moving onto their next class/teacher can also be an anxious time. Again, we have structures in place to support these transitions.  Teachers share planning and work together on school improvement projects helping to ensure a commonality of expectations and approaches.  Time is arranged for teachers to hand over information regarding the learning needs of the pupils transferring from class to class.  Around June of each year “Meet the Teacher” time is also arranged where pupils can meet their next teacher and their classmates.  Opportunities exist throughout the year for children to work on joint projects and activities to ensure that the children have opportunities to work with other staff and pupils.

If you have any particular concerns regarding transitions, please make an appointment to see the Head Teacher.

Visit Parentzone for more information about transitions:




Nursery Admissions.

All parents should submit an application form for their child, to the nursery of their choice during the admissions period. The application form can be found here:


Primary Admissions

New entrants to P1 are enrolled early in the calendar year for entry to school in August. This is for children who will be five on or before the school start date in August. Those that have their fifth birthday between the August start date each year and the end of February the following year, may also be admitted. Go to:


Placing requests & School Zones

For all advice and information on placing requests and guidance on school catchment/zones go to:


If you live Out of Zone, parents have the right to request that their child attends a school in another ‘zone’ if they wish (without giving any particular reason) and Aberdeenshire Council will, where possible, agree to this request. Please follow the link for more info: