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Here at Fishermoss School, we recognise that parents are the main educators and most influential people in a child’s life and as such, we strive to work with you as partners to support your child’s learning. To do this we aim to work with you in a number of ways.

Parental engagement and feedback from children and young people who use services is seen as key to their development and creating relationships of trust, based on transparency, inclusion and respect, is the basis of positive working relationships with children, young people and their families. This includes recognition and awareness of differing cultures and backgrounds, which may have an impact on, or be important to a child or young person’s situation.

Aberdeenshire Parents Charter. (See Appendix) These are a series of expectations that state our commitment to a way of working with you that places the following as priorities: welcome & care; value and include; communication and working in partnership.

Assessment and Planning

The Getting It Right approach and Children and Young Person (Scotland) Act 2014 means the views of children, young people and their families, are seen as central to any assessment of wellbeing, and when drawing up a Child’s Plan.

Our Parent Forum & Working with you as partners

The Parent Forum is a collective name for every parent, carer or guardian at the school. As part of our forum we want to work together to give children and young people every opportunity to be successful and increase attainment. For that to work well, we have summarised how we aim to do this:


The school uses a range of approaches to share information and enable insight into what your child is learning and how they are progressing. These include:

  • Class Newsletters- issued by class teachers at the start of each term.
  • Head Teacher Newsletter-end of each term
  • School Website-www.fishermoss.aberdeenshire.sch.uk
  • Homework diaries-these include termly behaviour/attitude/effort reports and interim academic progress updates.
  • Curriculum Events-e.g. Term 2 Pupil ‘Show and Tell’
  • Parent/Teacher Consultations-Term 1 and Term 4
  • Nursery & Primary 1 Induction-Term 4 and Term 1
  • Individual Pupil Reports
  • Learning Celebration Book(Profiles)
  • Class assemblies
  • Open days/mornings/afternoons
  • Class GLOW pages
  • Sports Day

The school calendar highlights planned opportunities where we welcome parents & carers into school for events and opportunities to talk about their child’s progress, wellbeing and behaviour (see Appendix).


Working with you we aim to make advice and information available which helps create home environments to support children and young people’s learning by providing guidance along with support programmes or events where you have the opportunity to learn together with your child.


There are many opportunities for parents to support learning in school by giving up some time to maybe share the skills and knowledge they have; support children and young people in the classroom; support or lead extra-curricular activities or indeed more direct support with specific skills (paired reading as an example). To do this please go to:

http://jobs.aberdeenshire.gov.uk/volunteer-with-us/ or contact your Headteacher.

Learning at Home

We provide materials and resources to support either homework or materials for you to work with your child to develop key skills at home. For explanation of this please go to our homework policy www.fishermoss.sch.aberdeenshire.gov.uk

and also the access the range of home learning materials on: www.aberdeenshire.gov.uk

Decision-making and Developing Services

Reflecting our vision, values and aims, the school has a range of priorities that we work to improve on each year which are explained in our School Improvement Plan (SIP). To take forward some of those priorities we need parents views, ideas, opinions along with creating the opportunity to draw upon parents skills and strengths. To enable this we have a series of working groups/focus groups which any interested parent is invited to be part of. We also regularly consult on key issues using a range of tools such as questionnaires.

Our Parent Staff Council, which is a nominated group of parents and staff that represent the views of the parent forum, works with us to ensure we understand how to most effectively involve parents in their children’s learning and to support the school with our improvements. Contact the Parent Council Chairperson or Headteacher for more information about getting involved in the Parent Council or email: Fishermoss.sch@aberdeenshire.gov.uk

Collaborating with the Community

Fishermoss School and our staff strive to work with the many local organisations, community groups and businesses to ensure our children and young people benefit from further resources, experiences and opportunities. If you are interested in working with the school, please contact the Headteacher.

The school has an active and supportive Parent Staff Council (PSC) and encourages involvement of parents in the work of the school. Through the Pupil Council, and whole school Global Warriors, pupils are also involved in bringing about improvements in the school. The PSC provides strong financial support for pupils, organising events and supporting the provision of school resources and educational outings.