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Golden Rules

Golden Rules (School Rules)

In school we have a framework of Golden Rules which will create a happy, healthy and safe place for learning. The rules are on display in each class and are discussed with children on a regular basis so that they understand what is expected of them.

  1. We are gentle.
  2. We are kind and helpful.
  3. We listen to people.
  4. We are honest.
  5. We work hard.
  6. We look after property.

Dining Hall Golden Rules

We line up calmly

We walk careful through the hall

We speak quietly to those around us

We keep our table clean

We are polite to everyone

We use good table manners

Playground Golden Rules

We are gentle when we play

We are kind and helpful towards others

We respect everyone’s games

We look after the playground

We listen to and keep the playground safety rules

We are honest with everyone