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The school office is manned from 8.30 – 3.30pm (closed for lunch 12.20-13.20pm).  The school has an answering machine for leaving messages.


We are keen to maintain excellent and open communication links with parents and have a number of ways in which we do this.

We will contact you by telephone if there is ever anything specific that we wish to discuss with you.  Should you ever wish to discuss any aspect of your child’s development, please phone the school and an appointment to meet will be arranged at a mutually convenient time. Pupils’ Homework Diaries are also used for communication between home and school.

We produce a variety of written information for parents:  School Newsletters, Class Newsletters, Letters & Minutes.  We also communicate with parents through the use of email and texts.
Curricular Events

A ‘Meet the Teacher’ curriculum event is held during Term 1.  This is an informal opportunity to join with other parents and meet your child’s teacher.   You will find out more about the experiences your child will have at school relevant to your child’s stage and guidance on how you can support their learning.

Parent/Teacher Consultations

It is school policy to hold two private evening meetings for all parents during the school session.  On the first occasion, an early opportunity (Oct/Nov) is taken to exchange information and ask questions.  The second consultation follows the written reports.

Pupil Reports

Staff write a comprehensive report on pupils’ progress during the year.  The report is usually issued in May.  A parental response sheet is issued with the reports, parents and pupils are invited to comment.

Other means of communication include curricular events, concerts, class assemblies, performances, open evenings.

In Nursery, at drop off or collection times, you will have daily opportunities to talk to a member of the nursery team, exchanging information about your child’s day in Nursery or information from home that you feel is important for the Nursery team to be aware of.